Troubleshooting & Problem Solving
The challenges of declaration collection can be very difficult. There are many declaration variations and
exceptions making the whole process very complex. There are many different requirements or conditions
that may or may not apply.  With our experience, we can assist your team to effectively identify and
address exceptions.
Tool Selection and Implementation
An effort cannot be successful without the correct tools and an implementation that gets them setup,
delivered, and working.  There are many different tools available and they vary greatly in their
functionality, user interface and complexity.  We have knowledge of the tools offered and the strengths
and weaknesses of them.  We can guide your team through selection and implementation of a tool
suitable to meet your needs.
Declaration Collection Implementation Planning
There is far more to starting an effective declaration collection effort than just saying "go".  There are
critical decisions and trade-offs to be made and the project plan must be clearly laid out.  We have
deployed and executed projects encompassing populations from hundreds to tens of thousands of parts,
guiding small and large dispersed teams. We can efficiently guide your team to do the same.
Your team and suppliers need to be trained.   Your team cannot be effective if they don't understand
what is required from suppliers.  Substance declarations can be very complex, since there are many
reporting templates, and often vague expectations.  We have developed training content for company
teams and suppliers. These training materials provide the appropriate level of knowledge for those
working with declarations. We can help you to implement these for your needs.
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Services Offered &
A Likely / Potential Path to Implementation
A Likely / Potential Path to Implementation
Free no obligation consultation to get acquainted and understand what is important to your company.  
Also to understand in more detail the benefits and services we can provide.  
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If you bring your specific list of problems, issues, and needs to RoHS Ready we will meet you in several
teleconferences or face-to-face to estimate the time and costs to address these needs.  If you have more
general non-specific issues we will need to meet with your team on site for several days to investigate
and identify the specific issues and needs.
Our role during the on-site consultation is that of an advisor, providing perspective, experience, and an
outsider's view of the issue you are facing.  We will help you see new opportunities for change, and offer
support to help you resolve issues and unleash potential.
Agree on the Proposal
The results of Discovery will be assembled in a proposal that will address you needs and interests.  
Typically the proposal will have several variations and time lines.  The proposal will take from 2 - 4 days
to complete.  This proposal will be presented to needed authorities of your company.   The agree
Execution of the Contract
We with work with you team to execute the contract.  After the launch, we will typically work part time on
your project.  Often we find that the working team or your people can’t work fast enough to require our
full time effort.  Project range may be from a minimum for 3 months to a year or more depending on the
needs and scale of the work.
Execution Tracking
Execution of the project elements will be tracked for progress.  If progress is not adequate, plan
adjustments will be proposed to resolve the underlying issues and get back on track.
Execution End
As execution progresses and approaches the end, our efforts will be reduced and shifted to others, or
moved to a sustaining effort.
A final report will be delivered to needed authorities of your company.  This report will review the results
of the contacted items, before and after metrics, remaining needs, and sustaining efforts.
Implement Metrics
Process Metrics are important to understanding what is happening with your declaration collection
activities and how long it takes to complete a request.  We recommend that you understand this so that
the meaningful issues can be addressed, solutions generated, and solutions are validated.
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