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Useful Web Sites

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Sites

  • Several tools are offered courtesy of Papros that require a free login account.  First go to Account generation  After
    completing your account generation, login, then Click on "Complex interface-click here for advanced features" in the
    lower Left.  Then scroll way down the page to the "Data testing and viewing" section, and find:
  • Click here to go to check CAS numbers in 175x XML
  • Click here to go to check 175x structures
  • Click here to go to check mandatory IPC 1752 fields
  • Click here to go to 1752 Class A and D Viewer
  • Click here to go to 1752 Class C Viewer

Practical Tips:
If you have any ideas for tips or missing ones you would like added, please let us know.  Click here.

LinkedIn Postings

  • Design for Environment, Joseph Fiksel, 2011, ISBN-10:0071776222
  • Slow Death by Rubber Duck, Rick Smith & Bruce Lourie, Counterpoint, 2009
  • Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson, First Mariner Books, 2002
  • The Body Toxic, by Nena Baker, North Point Press, 2008
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