RoHS Ready LLC Objectives:
  1. To provide Clients assistance to implement timely and cost effective declaration collection projects
    for RoHS, REACH, Battery, Packaging, & Conflict Minerals.
  2. When Clients have needs beyond #1, to direct them to the best services, assistance, and tools to
    address their needs.
  3. We do not intend to directly provide extensive regulation guidance, tools, or collection services.
  4. We intend to remain independent relative to evaluations and recommendations in #2.  We will not
    implement any partnership agreements that limit our ability to provide the most accurate and
    complete information to our Clients.
RoHS Ready LLC is offering our services to effectively implement timely and cost effective collection
projects for RoHS, REACH, and other related product substance regulations.  There are many people
offering regulation guidance or tools. But there are very few with hands-on knowledge of declaration
collection. If someone hasn't actually collected declarations recently, they don't know the current issues,
which are very numerous. If approached incorrectly, the cost of declaration collection can easily exceed
the cost of regulation guidance and tools.

RoHS Ready LLC is a team of consultants with extensive direct leadership and hands-on experience
developing and leading programs for gathering part and product substance and material declarations for
a Fortune 100 company and others.  We have started up declaration collection efforts, established
processes & tools for company team & supplier efficiency, and ultimately completed the effort to meet
company goals.  The variations in regulation interpretation, acceptable data inputs, personal experience,
tool complexity and human involvement make declaration collection very complex and prone to frequent
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