A brief biography for Jim Kandler follows:

I decided to work in environmental stewardship because I want to leave a
very positive legacy. I continue working in this area because I see the
damage that is being done to our environment and population every day.
Removing the hazardous materials from products prevents them from
harming people or the environment.  A very close family member died
from exposure to hazardous materials.
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I led the GE Healthcare Sourcing effort to collect material declarations for
250,000 parts.  
  • Worked with the other core team members to set up company-wide
  • Built a team that collected 150,000 declarations from 6,000
    suppliers and loaded the declarations into PTC InSight and
    Dassault MCC.
  • These efforts included RoHS, REACH, and Packaging.

Participate in the IPC-1752 Committee to further develop the IPC-1750
standard set.  Member of the BOMcheck Industry Steering Group identify
new functionality for BOMcheck.

Various positions were held earlier in my career.  See my LinkedIn profile.
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At RoHS Ready LLC, we have practical hands-on Supplier Declaration Collection
experience for over 300,000 parts, with companies ranging from large multi-nationals, to
small suppliers to local US companies.  We can provide guidance on Planning, Startup,
Execution, Problem Solving, Tools Selection, 3rd party services selection, and
Training.  Previous efforts have supported compliance to EU RoHS, EU REACH, EU
Packaging, EU Battery, Canada DSL, California Proposition 65, and the list keeps
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